Don't do it!


Rahaitz Roofing doesn't have a website, probably because they don't want customers coming to the website and sending emails to complain because of unfinished work. They hate email and anything technical like a computer or an electronic toaster. The company will have you waiting for months and string you along and say they will come out next month but never come. They are rude and if you ask normal customer questions about the job, (After all it's your property you have every right to) they will back out of the job and then send you a bill even though you had to finish up the mess they left and hire someone else to finish the roof in a short amount of time before the bad weather comes.

1) They don't provide a "contract" when asked, just an estimate form typed up in Microsoft Word that doesn't list the materials they use, no itemized list of material or labor costs, no professional quote or contract produced by Quickbooks or anything, just old school half ass.

2) They didn't charge tax.

3) They scratched the driveway that was recently coated, have a video of the truck making the scratch, it's pretty cut and dry. They made mistakes and then threw away materials, video of them putting tiles on and then ripping them all off 15 minutes later.

4) They couldn't provide proof of insurance and license even when requested.

5) If you ask them questions, (Randy) gets upset and then hangs up on you and never calls back, pulls his men off the job and leaves you to find someone else to finish before the pooring rain comes in only a few days, then has the nerve to send you a bill. Holes in the ice shield, nails poking up through the ice shield, gutters full of nails and debris and nails stuck between the gutter and siding. Angies list shows "money doesn't change hands until the customer is satisfied", yet they didn't finish, left a mess and sent me a bill anyway - Good luck with that.

6) Always remember without a contract, there is no agreement and when you don't finish a job, you don't get paid for it.

7) They are technologically impaired and get frustrated when you send them emails and insult you on the phone with no respect to customers.


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